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We work with passion in order to fill our wines with Emilia Romagna’s taste and tradition.
Our selection of wines is a journey through our region that never gives up on quality.
Albana DOCG
Wine name Dalfiume wine production

Romagna DOCG Albana Secco

Vineyards Dalfiume wine production
Dalfiume wine production
90 q.li per hectare
Grapes come from Dal Fiume vineyards
Castel S.Pietro T. hills (BO)
Wine aging Dal Fiume wine production
1 - 2 years
Wine Serving temperature Dal Fiume wine production
10 - 12° C
Vinification Dalfiume wine production
Light maceration with temperature-controlled marc that follows termo-conditioned white fermentation of the free-run must.
Characteristic of the wine Dal Fiume wine production
First white wine to become D.O.C.G. Straw-yellow, almost golden color. Typical smell. Pleasantly fruity flavor.
Wine pairings Dal Fiume wine production
It’s perfect with starters, fish dishes, light courses, and white meat.
Bottle sizes Dal Fiume wine production
0,75 e 1,5 liters
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