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We work with passion in order to fill our wines with Emilia Romagna’s taste and tradition.
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Trebbiano Frizzante New
Wine name Dalfiume wine production

Trebbiano Rubicone IGP Frizzante New

Vineyards Dalfiume wine production
Trebbiano Romagnolo
Dalfiume wine production
200 - 240 q.li per hectare
Grapes come from Dal Fiume vineyards
Emilia-Romagna plaines
Wine aging Dal Fiume wine production
1 - 2 years
Wine Serving temperature Dal Fiume wine production
8 - 10° C
Vinification Dalfiume wine production
The grapes are either hand or machine harvested, or both. Then, they’re pressed and the must is separated from the skins. The fermentation happens at controlled temperature in order to preserve the typical smells and characteristic of a Trebbiano. The must is then poured and separated from the sediment. The foam is collected naturally using the Charmat method over a 60 days period of time in order to give the wine the typical, fine, and persistent perlage and a fresh and appetizing bouquet. The wine is micro-filtered before being bottled.
Characteristic of the wine Dal Fiume wine production
Pale straw-yellow, rich and pleasant smell the flavor is dry, harmonious, and pleasantly sparkling.
Wine pairings Dal Fiume wine production
It is great as an aperitif and it goes well with any type of starters, cold fish dishes and shellfish. It is also very good with white meat.
Bottle sizes Dal Fiume wine production
0,75 liters
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