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2018 … the wines you are looking for you can find them at Dalfiume Nobilvini

Ready for Vinitaly 2018? … What wines are you looking for this year?

Pavilion 1 Emilia Romagna - Stand A4 - B6

White wine, red wine, still wine, sparkling wine or perhaps a spumante ... and why not … a Prosecco?

Dalfiume Nobilvini manufactures and sells a wide range of local wines, national and international:

  • From the gold of Bologna, Pignoletto in all its possible variations: still, sparkling and spumante
  • To the King of Romagna: the sangiovese, both Igp, Doc and Superiore
  • And then of course… There is no king without his Queen … she is the Albana Docg …. that for procedural winemaking guidelines becomes Bianco del Sillaro – Sparkling, Dry or sweet - if you are looking for a white wine with a little less structure and thus Igt.
  • From the Trebbiano, that as a true local wine from Romagna, thanks to its characteristics can be produced both still and sparkling, either Dop or Igp.
  • To the Lambrusco the most loved in Emilia, dry or sweet, rosè ... but always sparkling
  • and then the vine varieties with more international charm: Barbera, Sauvignon, Chardonnay still or sparkling and also a branded Prosecco.

Our strength?

The 70 years experience of growth and presence on the market, 3 generations of management made our company a consolidated reality and - the 69 years of existence are testimony of that - dynamic and flexible. Our wines have an excellent quality-price ratio. The quality and genuineness of our wines (Dop, Docg and Igp) are guaranteed directly by the Dalfiume family, at the head of the company from the beginning. The production is divided into a wide variety of formats, with the possibility of producing private labels taking care of - if necessary - every single detail. Tell us that wine you are looking for ... Together we will give shape to your needs.

At Vinitaly 2018 Search for Dalfiume Nobilvini wines:

Pavilion 1 Emilia Romagna - Stand A4 - B6
For almost 70 years we have accompanied our clients in a journey of wines through the Emilia Romagna, the excellence of the Made in Italy.


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